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At every visit, our dental team strives to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Patient communication is a large part of our efforts. We believe that open and ongoing communication is the key to a lasting and successful relationship between doctor and patient.

Dr. Elim Shen

Attending physician, graduated from Jiangxi Medical College, Department of Stomatology, engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of Oral Implantology and other difficult symptoms for nearly 10 years. Participated in many domestic and international large-scale oral medical meetings and published on the many articles and get a number of academic awards. With good ethics, Yifeng and consummate professional and technical. In the repair of Oral Implantology, Oral aesthetic restorations and oral implant has accumulated a wealth of experience, and by the appreciation of academic colleagues and patients.
Specializes in: teeth, cosmetic restoration and corrective activities denture repair, more than one missing tooth fixed partial denture, precision attachment prosthesis, oral surgery common diagnosis and treatment of frequently-occurring disease.

Dr. Shen Qi

Graduated from Zhejiang Lishui Medical College, dentistry, oral clinical work more than ten years, has accumulated a lot of mouth, the estuary and mouth revised clinical experience, particularly in oral cosmetic restoration is particularly good. Treat patients with patience, meticulous, and well received by academic colleagues and customers praise.